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Blanchard Street,
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Serving Andover, MA and the surrounding communities for over 75 years

Dargoonian Farms in Andover, MA is a family-owned business founded in 1928. The Dargoonian brothers, Garabed (Red) and Benjamin took over the farm in 1941. The first greenhouse was built in the 1962, and as the years went by, more greenhouses were built. In the 1980’s, Tom and Dena Dargoonian took over and continue to manage the farm and greenhouses as a family. Dargoonian Farms & Greenhouses is now a wholesale business, specializing in wholesale produce and floral sales. We’ll take the time to help you plan out your garden to make the most of your gardening space.

General Information

Spring crops: hanging baskets, bedding plants, and geraniums. Fall crops: mums, sedum and kale.

Awesome farm with great people. I love the selection in their garden section...
Rob Giannino

Beautiful presentation of their annual, perennials, herbs, veggies and hangers. Prices are good, and one can always find something they've not seen before...
Kristine Boyd


Blanchard Street, Andover, MA 01810